I decided to make the blog for myself. I’m a Korean living in the UK.

That’s means I’m foreiger and stranger who have black hair and looks very diffenent to the people here.

I’m a housewife and mother of 4 year old son.

Often time I remind myself about this things.

The things that make me keep going but gives me stressful and depression at same time.

Everyday is the same patten 24 hours being mom.

Even doing it 4 years still not used to it.

Always fight with inside myself ‘I wants more sleep’ ‘No, get up!’

‘I’d like to keep reading my book’ ‘No, Get your jacket and pick up the boy!’

During lock down I’m getting more anger and depression, so I’ve been snappy

and grumpy a lot with my son.. because he is my son and one day when I

shoutting at him I saw his wet eyes and realized ‘This is not right. He did’t do

any wrong, he’s being same just me changed and only me.’ So I started write

down ‘What I need for me to be happy, to live my life’

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