I have fallen in love with knitting.

I tried before when I was 12 for school project and I remember I did like knitting from first time.

But I couldn’t keep knitting for some reason.

And I started again this October and I fall in love again.

I did knit that hat before knitting the sweater for practice.

I watched quite a bit of videos for easiest knitting a sweater for beginners.

This video is exactly for beginners so I knited my first sweater for my son.

If you know how to knit, purl and do ribbing then you can knit a sweater.

First step is how to calculate the gauge.

Knit a square 10cm*10cm then count the stitches and rows.

  Some people just check the paper packaging around yarn for instructions but you must knit and make it wet then count again when it is dry.

This is fairy important to get the correct sweater size.

This process can be a hassle but  I think there is nothing better than putting your effort into.


Second step is check the body size for sweater or other clothes size as a reference.

*Both videos show gauge calculation but the right side video has a more elaborate gauge calculation method and the left video illustrate sweater measurement.

I knitted the hat with the same yarn as sweater.

*Swearter yarn is wool, hat yarn is DK. Same yarn different texture.

*Tip* use thicker yarn to knit faster.

Those videos taught me how to knit that sweater and hat.

If I can knit?! you definitely can knit.

I’m fairy sure! :>

So If you need advice just let me know it

Please feel free to comment as I would love to know what your thoughts are.

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