It's Okay to Not Be Okay.


  Drama, Romantic Comedy, Healing


  A little strange romantic comedy about love like a fantasy
fairy tale where Kang Tae, a mental ward protector who
refuses love under the weight of a heavy life, and
Moon Young, a fairy tale writer who doesn't know love due
to birth defects, end up healing each other's wounds.

Planning the road-

Don't assume it's abnormal.
It's weird, don't point.
Don't let go of a bad mood.
They’re just a little unusual.
That's why you are terribly lonely.
Dear, bring warm consolation...
#. A warm healing human drama that fills each other's
deprivation with each other's warmth!
According to statistics, 80% of people suffer from
psychosis and can't understand? God made humans
a lonely being. So, it is human instinct to find something
to fill the loneliness. After all, the answer to all
questions is people. People are hurt because of their
external appearance and are healed by their warmth.
This drama focuses on this. The main characters are full of
scarcity and take a look at the healing and growing
I hope you will be comforted by this drama.

'You are okay enough just being you'

I think this drama will touch your heart.

When I watched, each script felt so precious and felt like healing my emotions.

And storybooks will remain in the heart.

The storybooks are quite dark and heavy but you will get the point of what they want to tell you and pat your pain gently.

Zombie Kid

A baby boy was born in a small village.
He had pale skin and large eyes.
His mother natually came to the realization, that he had no
feelings whatsoever.
All he had was the desire to eat, like a zombie.
Every night, she stole livestock from her neighbors to feed
That’s how she raised him in secret.
One day, an epidemic broke out.
His mother couldn’t leave her son all alone.
And to appease her son’s crying of hunger.
She cut off one of her legs and after that, her arm.
When she was left with nothing but her torso, she embraced
her son for the last time to let him devour what was left
of her.
The boy tightly held hids mother’s torso and spoke for the
first time in his life.
“Mom, you’re so warm.”

Cheerful Dog

Your body is honest, when you’re in physical pain, you cry.

But the heart is a liar, it stays quiet even when it’s hurting.

I hope you enjoy ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’.

Please feel free to comment as I would love to know what your thoughts are.

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