Do you have a sister?

If you do, how much do you love her?

What is your sister’s existence to you?



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“Today, WNRK is launching the first episode of our new serialized podcast, The Girl, created and hosted by West McCray.”

When popular radio personality West McCray receives a desperate phone call from a stranger imploring him to find nineteen-year-old runaway Sadie Hunter, he’s not convinced there’s a story there; girls go missing all the time.

But when it’s revealed that Sadie fled home after the brutal murder of her little sister, Mattie, West travels to the small town of Cold Creek, Colorado, to uncover what happened.

Sadie has no idea that her journey to avenge her sister will soon become the subject of a blockbuster podcast.

Armed with a switchblade, Sadie follows meager clues hoping they’ll lead to the man who took Mattie‘s life because she’s determined to make him pay with his own.

But as West traces her path to the darkest, most dangerous corners of big cities and small towns, a deeply unsettling mystery begins to unfold – one that’s bigger than them both.

Can he find Sadie before it’s too late?

Alternating between Sadie‘s unflinching voice as she hunts the killer and the podcast transcripts tracking the clues she’s left behind, Sadie is a breathless thriller about the lengths we go to protect the ones we love and the high price we pay when we can’t.

It will haunt you long after you reach the final page.


Published – September 4th 2018

Author – Courtney Summers

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Chai♡ : Sadie splintered in my heart, and I’m sure the author meant it to. I finished it, shivering with a chill inside me that nothing could possibly drive away. It’s been days and I still can’t swallow past the unaccountable lump in my throat. But I guess that’s just it—all that is harder to read, proves much slower to heal.

So, what’s this book about?

Nineteen-years-old Sadie has raised her little sister, thirteen-years-old Mattie, since she was born to Claire, their drug-addicted absent mo
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Rated it : ★★★★★


Emily May : Holy hell, this book hit me hard.

I’ve been reading Summers’ books for seven years now and she is both consistently good and continually getting better. I remember thinking that Some Girls Are was one of the most powerful and vicious books I’d ever read back in 2011. Then All the Rage came along and destroyed me some more.

Whether Summers is writing a contemporary high school novel, a mystery, or a zombie apocalypse, she crawls right inside
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Rated it : ★★★★★

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-My Review-

Rate – ★★★★★

Her sister is dead. This is the reason she is going to kill a man.

Could she die?

Yes, she could… but nothing is going to change her mind.

She is willing to sacrifice all to kill a man for her precious little sister.

Nobody can stop her.

She got used to being alone since her mom gave up on her.

But life changed when her mom brought her sister Mattie into the world.

This little baby sister was like sunshine on a cloudy day to her.

She would do anything to save Mattie, even enduring her mother’s boyfriend’s sexual abuse.

If she did not let him do what he wanted, then she knew next it would be Mattie.

She was her life. Now, she is gone. 

Now it is time looking for revenge.

Nothing can stop her.

Sadie is ready for danger.

Nobody has the right to take away other people’s life.

However, his turn has now come up.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Remember what goes around comes around.

‘Sadie’ is not just a revenge thriller book.

Each chapter has a podcast in which an announcer and reporter interviewed witnesses.

That is why when reading this book, it feels like watching a documentary movie.

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