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I asked my husband about life insurance. He told me I would have to write down my will.

I was quite surprised because this is never talked about in Korea.

I thought usually people write a will for the family to tell them your last words after you are gone.

People don’t like to talk about death because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Even though death is part of our life.

Yet, the first time would also be the last. 

Generally, we get another chance when we make a mistake.

Not with death however, death is different. Death is permanent.

There are no other chances.

Am I make you feel down?

Here is a thought.

If you knew you were going to die today, what do you want to say or hear from the people you know?

When I think back to my teenage years and to my twenties every day’s experience was the first time and you might know what I’m going to say :).

It was horrible but I learned how to do things through different problems.

I still make mistakes for first time experience, and I still learn from those mistakes.

Anyway, what I want to hear before I die is, ‘Because of you, my life was full of all the moments I learned from.’

Regardless of whether it is a good memory or a bad memory, I think it would be good to share all the emotions that a person can feel with me so that no matter what you say, it will remind you of my memories.

This is what my husband wants to hear before he dies,  ‘You tried your best to be a decent and good person’.

((I want to add ‘ and you were the best person I ever met and loved.))


>>HERE, please write what you want to hear from your family or friends.<< 

What would you like to hear?

We usually think of the words we want to write down in our will before we die, but on the contrary, what kind of words do you want to hear?

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