Here is a Korean joke that I have translated.
When asked what it is like to be married the responses from a husband and a wife.

<Husband’s Response>
Imagine your girlfriend coming to see and spend time with you at your house.

You have a meal together , watch some TV and generally have a good time. 

After you want to just play games and but she just doesn’t go home… ever. 

That is what it is like.

<Wife’s Response>
Imagine your mom had an appointment and went out.

 She askes you to look after your little brother and the house. 

You have to feed him, play with him, clean up after him, clean the house, wash the dishes and do the laundry before she comes home. 

However, she calls and says she is never coming home and this is now your life… forever. 

That is what it is like.

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